3 reel Slots Vs 5 Reel Slots
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3 reel Slots Vs 5 Reel Slots

Nowadays the word ‘video slots’ is what we get to know. As if we overlooked how and when it all began. The predecessors of today’s new video slots, which developed with the introduction of technology into 5 reel slots, are 3 reel slots.

There was Liberty Bell at the dawn of the slots. And they launched the Fortune Coin. Today, we’ve got a multitude of slot games with various styles and diverse prototypes that won’t leave any slot player unhappy.

While they both run on the same concepts, some distinctions make it possible for us to put a fine line between them. Slot machines worked with manual reels until the modern age. There were three reels with the first ones that came into being, and they were initially dubbed one-armed bandits because you used to pull the trigger to operate on the slot machine. Digital developers rendered video games that have five reels as technologies changed. You can try some of these classic slots at Winissimo.

So now what kind of slot machine do you play, and which one is better, is the ultimate question? Before getting into that first let us take a look at what these slots are and what are their benefits?

What are the 3 reels slots?

The initial bulk machines arrived with three basic reels when slot machines were first invented. The number of reels increased as technologies changed. In the US and in the UK, where the more familiar fruit machines took over the arcade and café, “Classic” slot machines are still loved.

For the online casino, some famous 3-reel slots were adapted. You may win a cash prize by clicking only one correct symbol on the payline in most 3-reel games with a single payline.

What advantages do 3-reel slots have?

  • Simplicity is the greatest advantage of the 3-reel slot.
  • It takes seconds to play the game, and there are no long bonus rounds for your base gameplay to get in the way.
  • When you play on one or two paylines, your bankroll will also last longer.
  • But to reap higher jackpots, these classic 3-reel games award players with greater pockets. On certain older 3-reelers, the jackpot is reserved for players staking the highest stake.

What are the 5 reels slots?

As the name suggests, 5-reel slots add an extra two reels to the classic 3-reel play. More rows are also added allowing the player to hit more available paylines. But while there are more potential paylines to strike, the general payouts can often be lower.

It is important to check the paytable before you start playing.

Not every 5-reel slot is designed the same. Some games may have a greater density of top-paying symbols than the others. Other games can fill their reels with scatters or wild symbols.

What advantages do 5-reel slots have?

  • It’s more usual to encounter at least one bonus feature in a 5-reel video slot. A standard feature of most 5-reel ones is a wild symbol that substitutes all standard symbols in the game.
  • At least another secondary bonus will also be noticed by players, such as free spins or an instant-win feature.
  • Bigger jackpots.

Here we’ll take a look at these games’ components and help you determine which one to pick. Is it the slots of 3 reels or the 5-reel ones?

The slot machine’s basic design

Though this isn’t rocket science, it is still very important. The slots are, after all, named according to their shape, or the grid layout, as seasoned slot players call it. As the name suggests, 3 reel slots have 3 individual reels, while 5 reel slots come with 5 individual spinning reels.

Payline count

Modern 5 reel slots or video slots typically come with 9 to 50 paylines, but with 100 paylines, there are a variety of slots that deviate considerably from this limit. Furthermore, for many inexperienced players, there are more difficult to digest slots, 243 ways slots.

On the other hand, 3 reel slots are moderate in terms of payline count, starting with 1 payline at the very least, up to 5 paylines at the max. Not long ago, though, Play’n Go introduced a 3×3 slot dubbed Eye of the Kraken. It comes with 50 paylines that are distinctive and mind-blowing.

Gameplay, features, effects of video and audio

Because of the variety of visual and audio effects and special bonus features we all enjoy, 5 reel slots may seem far more entertaining than 3 reel slots. Even if we are working with a 3 reel video slot, at least in this market, a 5 reel video slot would still have the upper hand.


There are much easier 3-reel slots than the 5-reel ones. If you play three reels slots, it is very unlikely that you will get confused with other game mechanics and icons like the wilds, scatter icons, free spins, multipliers or bonus rounds.

In a 3-reel version, you just need to align three same symbols. Usually, there is only one pay line, and from the first reel to the last one is a straight horizontal line. Because only one pay line remains, it is easy to see how you won. Multi-line wins are not difficult, and it is also easy to grasp how to measure your winnings.

The majority of 3-reel and 5-reel slots cause more than one coin per line to be wagered. What this suggests is that you can now get double the payout for it if you bet two coins on a line and that one gets a strike.


Slots that have a contemporary vibe are favoured by some people. 3-reel games have no such thing. 3-reel slots also only use traditional icons such as fruits, bars, lucky 7s, and card suits, including some variants that have 3D graphics.

If we consider designs, 5-reel slots are infinite. Many advertised slots are sold in 5-reel types, such as those inspired by movies and TV shows. There are also 5-reel slots today that are in 3D. This ensures that not only do the graphics look natural but when you play, some characters speak and move on the screen.

5-reel slots are available in all ways that fit numerous age ranges, genders, and tastes. Others are based on film, cartoons, and some are based on iconic superhero figures.

In the beginning, 5-reel versions also have immersive moments, where the game tells you a narrative before you begin playing.

On the other hand, 3-reel slots can only be a perfect choice for those looking to witness nostalgia.

Win frequency

This will make or break your choice. The winning frequency of 3-reel slots is greater, but the winning amount is smaller.

The main factor behind this is that there is normally only one pay line on a 3-reel slot machine. Sometimes, these slot machines also accept half-symbols. In 5-reel slots, it is hard to land a winning combo on 15 slots. But if you do, you earn a bigger sum of money.

Bearing an eye on RTP

The RTP is the long-term average payoff to players. The greater the RTP, the lesser the house edge.

Online slots tend to have an RTP generally from 93-98%. Classic 3-reel slots incline to be on the lesser end of that spectrum. With huge jackpots, 5-reel games also boast a higher RTP.

Volatility difference

Volatility refers to the chance that you take while playing a slot machine. It is expressed as low, medium, or high, and how unpredictable a machine can be is influenced by several variables. One factor, along with the number of rows and the number of reels, is the number of symbols. The more icons that exist, the greater the risk. There are bigger payouts for a high volatility slot, but you will find that the winners often occur fewer times.

Usually, 5-reel slots are unpredictable because they are far more difficult to land a winning pay line, particularly if the winning line has to start from the left-most reel. 3-reel slots are less unpredictable since only three reels are concerned, with only a few symbols. Slots with 3 reels typically have no more than ten icons, and it is simpler to land a mix than with 5-reel ones.

The rewards

The sum of money you can earn is a decent starting point for a discussion on which one is better. The reality is- there are also higher rewards for 5-reel slots.

The rationale behind this is that it is less common to win. Most of the time, a 5-reel slot has more than eight different symbols. And then you are faced with the challenge of landing combinations at particular points. The awards can be genuinely satisfying considering the challenge of landing a winning thread.

Also, there are interlinked 5-reel slot machines. This means that someone is also playing it in a physical casino when you play from your home. And the operator will get a part of the bets and pool it into a jackpot prize since more people are competing.

Which one do you prefer?

Each person has his own choice and liking. 3-reel slots are ideal if you want quick gameplay and regular victories, but the 5-reel slots are perfect if you want major rewards, and you don’t mind challenging gameplay. You’re going to find some of the best slot games in Winissimo. Give the 3-reel vs 5-reel test a chance today.

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