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You can play a thousand games at a casino but the fun of playing a slot game is certainly super-exciting. For someone who was an active casino goer in the early 20th century, the evolution of slot games would be astonishing and unbelievable. The journey from a lever and trigger machines to the modern-day video slots has been one of a memorable kind.

The journey from slot machines to video slots

Slot machines are known to have existed from the 19th century. The three-reel design and limited payouts were the most primitive versions of slots. These machines were then considered a game for entertainment. They were preferred only when a player would decide to take a break from the classic casino games. The same perception continued for quite a long time, almost a century or so until casinos realised the potential of slot machines. Soon, interesting and exciting variants of the casino game were introduced to the public. 5-reel slots became an instant hit as they were capable of multiple paylines. However, it was not until the establishment of online casinos that the slot games crossed all boundaries of possibilities and innovations.

Online casinos have the latest technology and internet support to give the game developers liberty of creating games with new themes, design, and features. This led to the development of slot games that could be played online and were given the name we now know of as video slots.

Video slots are nothing but the online representation of slot machines that try to replicate the slot machine via a video.

What makes video slots at Winissimo special?

Comparing our video slot games with the classic slot machines will be a big mistake, considering the convenience and diversity of our video slots section. As you enter the video slot premise, true fun is about to begin. Land-based slot machines have limitations like availability of space, payline limits, reel design, and vacancy. But when you choose to play video slots at Winissimo, you automatically avoid all such complications.

  • We bring to you a set of some of the most amazing video slots that follow 5-reel and sometimes even 6-reel video slots, apart from the standard 3-reel design slots. The more the number of reels, the more the number of paylines.
  • Availability of space and vacancy is never under question on a platform that runs on the internet, the capacity of which is virtually unlimited. The vastness of space available to us due to the internet, lets us provide games that you never could have existed at once in a brick-and-mortar casino.
  • Since you can access our convenient online casino at the comfort of your homes, you also get the ability to focus on the game without any distractions. By distraction, we mean the noise that exists prominently in any land-based casino.
  • The speciality you are about to read has been a problem for land casinos for years. Ever since the first slot machines were invented, they demand continuous unconditional maintenance. The slot machines are ‘machines’ that need time to time maintenance but such is not the case with video slots online. They never wear off or get stuck, thanks to the technology they depend upon.

How do video slots work

Video slots basically depend upon two types of revolutionary technologies for their functioning, the internet and the Random Number Generator (RNG). Let’s begin with the first one and then take the next step.

  • Internet – If you have a device that supports standard internet connection, congratulations! you are eligible to play these stupendous games anywhere you want to. Just turn on your internet, log in to our new casino site and choose a video slot game that triggers your interest from the enormous gallery of online slots we have here to enjoy the games.
  • Random Number Technology – RNG is not a new entry in the world of online casinos. It is the same technology that is responsible for the functioning of table games like online roulette and even online scratch cards. In fact, it is one of the major reasons why online casinos have managed to gain the trust of avid casino players. RNG is designed in a way to produce random numbers that stay away from any human manipulation and repetition. This helps the game providers keep the game unbiased and untouched. The random numbers generated by the RNG are then translated to results and symbols according to the specific game.

How do you win in video slot games at Winissimo Casino

Winning in video slot games is not really a task, to be honest. If you get the winning combination on your screen, you win an amount according to the payout ratio of the game. However, video slots are a lot more exciting than just direct payout rewards. Without upholding the various ways you can win in a video slot game, let us get straight into it.

  • Multiple paylines – With unlimited space and ever-growing technology, video slots can be designed to give out multiple paylines. A 5-reel video slot has more number of combinations that can be formed and therefore, lays out more paylines than a 3-reel one.
  • Free spins – Video slots are some of the best places to find free spins. Free spins are free access to various rewards you can win in a casino. Free spins often give access to cash rewards, free tournament entry, and even casino bonuses.
  • Bonus events – Do you know that video slot games at Winissimo are full of bonus events? These bonus events reward you with free-spins or pick-a-prize events. These further lead to greater gifts and rewards. However, ways to trigger such bonus events are different for each game and hence, cannot be specified particularly.
  • Wild symbols – Wild symbols are symbols that have the capability to replace other symbols on the reel and help you create a winning combination. Standing to their name, wild symbols are some of the wildest features of a video slot game.
  • Scatter symbols – Scatter symbols are another thrilling symbol to look for. If they appear on your screen, be ready for some thrill on your screen. The appearance of the scatter symbols means that you are about to unlock new features and benefits, like a bonus event, payout or free spins.

Where can you play our video slot games

Winissimo is an online casino that performs with the motive of being closest to its users. We love being a gambling platform that you can access at your ease. We also love to keep the sign-up process as simple as possible to avoid all the delays. However, the major step we have taken to eliminate all distances between you and us is becoming a mobile-compatible casino. You can access our casino games, along with the exciting video slot games on your mobile phones instantly.

Hence, your favourite video slot games can now be accessed on your large-screen computers or on the very convenient mobile phones as well. Playing mobile video slots is one of the most convenient slot gaming experiences you will ever have. Try it for yourself now!

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