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Classic Slots

Slots come in different shapes and sizes. Some are based on movies while others are based on mythologies. Some have hundreds of paylines while others have thousands of rewards. Online casino game development has given wings to the ideas and innovations of game creators. The innovativeness of online slot games has reached a level where every new year a new type of slot game becomes the slot game of the year.

However, this was not how things began for the slot games. The very first slot machines were simple and easy to understand, due to their limited options in betting and winning. They were the reasons why slot games became popular in the first place. If they were to be complicated, not many people would have gotten stuck with the game as we see today. Hence, the importance of a classic slot game can never be matched, no matter how technologically advanced we become in slot games.

Many players till date like to play classic slots rather than the modern-day slots. We, at Winissimo, are dedicated to catering to all categories of players, regardless of the type of slots they love to play. This is why we bring to you an exclusive set of some of the most amazing classic slot games along with the likes of easy payments, pay via phone options, withdrawals, winnings and of course, casino bonuses. Here are some of the top classic slot games you will find at our casino.

  • Double Diamond
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Joker’s Jewels
  • Irish Gold

The names mentioned above are just a few of the best classic slots that we have in our slots gallery. We work hard every day to associate with more categories and upgrade our category of classic slots. We don’t want any slot explorer to leave disappointed.

How do we get your favourite classic slot games at one place

All the slot games we include in our gallery are created by some of the top game developers of the world. These are tested and certified for their randomness and authenticity before being presented on our site. If you are curious to know how these slot games work, read the column below.

Classic slots produce a random result each time you tap the spin button on your screen. This randomness is kept consistent by using the most acclaimed technology for slot games – Random Number Generator (RNG). The Random Number Generator or RNG is a technology that was created with the sole purpose of giving unmanipulated and unbiased results. These results do not depend on previous or future results. Hence, each time you see a different result, it is because the number given by the RNG is translated into certain symbols for a specific game. The authenticity of these slot games is never at stake.

Some of the top classic slot game developers are NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, QuickSpin and Iron-Dog. However, the list doesn’t end here. But neither do you have the time to read all the names nor do we intend to make this page infinitely long.

Design of a classic slot

Classic slots have managed to hold their place in player’s heart due to their simple design. The design of any classic slot is more or less like this:

Other Symbol 1Other Symbol 2Other Symbol 4
*Winning SymbolWinning SymbolWinning Symbol*
Other Symbol 2Other Symbol 3Other Symbol 1

The options you will see in a classic slot game, other than the three-reel setup, are the betting options. You can choose the amount you want to place as your bet, by toggling the numbers in the amount section on your screen. The next option to it will show your total balance in your casino account that you can use for the game. This box is there for you to keep a track of how much you are winning/losing in the game. We don’t want our players to suddenly realise that they have lost/won a lot of money. The last box that you will see in any classic slot is that of the line on which you want to bet. Since, a three-line slot has, evidently, three lines to bet, you can choose one from them.

Now that you know what you can expect in a classic slot game, we can go to the next step, which is – winning.

How are winnings determined in classic slots?

Winning in a classic slot game is solely based on luck. You win the bet if you get a winning combination on the three reels of the line you have selected. A winning combination usually is three identical symbols in all three reels.

Coming to the winnings, all classic slots have different payout ratios and the payout ratio is multiplied with your bet amount to deliver the final winning amount. You can play safe by playing small bets or make a larger bet to take home a huge amount. Nevertheless, all classic slot games are just like any other casino game, depending on your luck. Thus, a win is never guaranteed but it is also not far away. Play smart, play responsibly!

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