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Slots have crossed the boundaries from being a sidekick in a casino to becoming the most fascinating zone of it. Slots are not considered just an entertaining game for the break you take from the classic casino games, at least not anymore. Online casinos have given them a new and advanced platform to flourish and prove their worth. Thankfully they did and we have brought them for you as close as possible. In the current scenario, you can find a number of designs of slot games that are sure to excite you. Winissimo Casino strives to be an all in all online casino and provides slot games like 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, Progressive Slots, and Mobile Slots.

What are mobile slots?

If you have reached here looking at our various sections of the casino, you might have gone through a section called slots. Slot games are the online version of the slot machines you see in a land-based casino. Some of the top game developers of the world took the job of converting them into online games for the ease of online gamblers. The same developers took the next step and made the slot games mobile compatible. Such slots that can very well be played at our mobile casino are called mobile slots.

There is more than one benefit of mobile slots that give them an edge over the common online slots. Here are the reasons why we consider them a better option to try slot gaming.

The benefits of playing mobile slots at Winissimo

Mobile slots are popularly known as the best form of slot games for several reasons. People from all corners of the world now live with their lifelong companion, mobile phones. Mobile phones have become an essential rather than a luxury. Whether it is doing a basic thing like communicating with someone far away, it has now become a necessity. The availability of slot games on mobile offers several benefits to the user.

    • Ease of access – Do you know what is the average number of times a person unlocks his phone in a day? 80+ times. Staggering, isn’t it?

      No, we are not trying to point your time wastage on your mobile phone. What we are trying to bring your attention to is how easy it is to use a mobile phone without putting any effort. We do it so many times in just a single day and don’t even realize it. This clearly tells the story of how easy it becomes to play a slot game when they are accessible on mobile phones.

      • User-friendly interface – Our esteemed game developers make user-friendliness their first priority before converting any slot game for mobile usage. The major reason why mobiles are easily accessed and used worldwide is because of their usability. Hence, mobile slots also follow the same motive.
      • Quick payments – As we said, mobiles nowadays are capable of doing all sorts of things. Mobiles are home to the most trusted and most used payment options. You can explore the pay via phone options available in our site. If you can bet on a slot game, straight from the device you are playing on, the journey of playing and winning becomes exponentially easy.
      • Touch makes things better – Mobile phones have been there for almost a couple of decades now. However, the presence of mobile phones was never in so much abundance as it is now. The sole reason for this abundance is the revolutionary change brought to this small device due to the inclusion of touch screens.

The touch screen makes things better by excluding several small buttons that existed historically. The touch screen also makes the bet placing process and spinning the reel a bread and butter task.

What you ought to know about mobile slots

Mobile slots are simply online slot games that you can play on your mobile instantly. You can now play your old favourites and new trending slot games at your fist and on-the-go. Even though the size of a mobile phone might perplex you and maybe even deceive you, mobile slots at our mobile casino are a lot more than you can think of. Here are the types of mobile slots UK games you can find on our slots section.

      • Classic mobile slots – Let us just start from the beginning. The very first slot machines had a simple one-line payout and had almost no features. If you are someone who misses those simpler times avoiding the glitter and shine of modern-day slots, these mobile slots won’t disappoint you. You can find a classic mobile slot game that is easy to play on a mobile as they are easy to understand and do not require high graphics support.
      • 3-Reel mobile slots – Sticking to the facts, slot games actually caught the fire of popularity only after the introduction of 3-reel slots in the casinos. This makes it mandatory for 3-reel slots to be included in the list of slot games for mobile.
      • Progressive mobile slots – Whenever you hear the word ‘progressive’ in an online casino, it is a thing to be excited about. Here is why. Mobile slots, apart from being interesting and exciting are also rewarding. In fact, slots are some of the best ways to unlock jackpots and hence, these types of mobile slots have a jackpot where the jackpot amount is directly related to the amount of bet being placed on the game.
      • Themed mobile slots – You might have heard slot games that are based on a specific theme. The theme could be anything, a movie, a culture, a mythological story, an animated cartoon series or a game. These themed slots can also be played as mobile slots as well.

Keeping the types of mobile slots aside also, there are other reasons that make mobile slots a must play. The above are its amazing features.

Tips to keep in mind when playing mobile slot games

While mobile slot gaming is certainly an effortless task. Often what seems like a no effort task is where people commit silly mistakes that cost them much more than expected. Casino gambling is a high-stake passion and therefore, each and every player must keep the below-mentioned tips before getting his hands on mobile slots.

      • Learn about the game before placing your bet – The kind of variety you will find in slot gaming is unmatched to any other casino game section. Whether you choose to play a 3-line slot or progressive jackpot slot, diversity is a constant in each of the cases. All mobile slot games are different from each other in some ways. The differentiating factors usually are – symbols, scatter symbols, wild symbols, payout ratio, paylines, etc. Hence, playing a different game thinking that it would be the same as the last one can get you drenched in losses. Make sure you learn about each game before placing your bet from the ‘i’ button you see on your game screen.
      • Try to look for free play mobile slots to learn – Our new casino site gives its players a unique but necessary benefit when they choose to play the top mobile slot games. We provide access to the free versions of some of the top mobile slot games. Through this free play feature, you can play the game and learn it without risking your real money. Practical knowledge of the game is always better than theoretical knowledge. However, remember that such games don’t give out any real money wins.
      • Understand the choices you will see in a mobile slot game – Mobile slots are designed in a way to fit the small screens of mobile phones. Hence, many times the design of a mobile slot game is different from that of the same slot game’s online version. The design is altered to fit the screen and make it convenient for the player to enjoy the game. However, only the design of the game is compromised, the quality, on the other hand, is improved. The compromised design is also just a few clicks and a few eye rolls aways from you.
      • Keep your phone charged and connected to a stable network – The true fun of mobile slot gaming comes when you don’t see the need of connecting to a charger or UPS to make the device work. You can carry it along with yourself on your metro journey or on a journey. Giving this flexibility to our beloved users was the first reason why we introduced our mobile casino and mobile slot gaming. We do our best to keep it going for you, the ball now lies in your court of how carefully do you use this flexibility. Make sure you keep your mobile phones adequately charged and connect it to a stable and reliable internet connection to avoid any discontinuation of the game.
      • Self-analyse your gaming needs – The player himself understands what he is here for. The game’s jackpot prize or the theme of the game should not be the deciding factor for how much of your time or money you want to give to the game. Different players are from different financial backgrounds. One should always choose a mobile slot that suits his budget according to the bankroll. Gambling on any casino game should never affect the normal life of a player.

Moreover, not all attractive mobile slots UK games might trigger your interest in the long-term. Therefore, it is advised to choose the game according to your own preference.

The features you get with mobile slots at Winissimo

Mobile slots, just like the online slots, are a pack full of features and bonuses that can attract and captivate you at one go. At Winissimo, we provide mobile slots that offer a series of features that will never let your excitement down

      • Megaways – A Megaways slot is a game that has six reels and pays all along and yes, these slots are available on mobile. So even if the winning symbols appear diagonally, you don’t need to worry. The only condition here is that the symbols should be adjacent to each other, no matter the layout.
      • Buy feature – Any slot game is known for its bonuses and so are the mobile slots. There can be different ways of unlocking and claiming the bonus on a mobile slot game depending on the game developer. But the one thing that stays constant is the presence of a bonus.
      • Mystery symbols – Another intriguing feature of mobile slots are mystery symbols. If you have played an online slot before, you might be familiar that the slot games have some mystery symbols that unlock various other features of the game. You can never guess what the symbol may change into and you can never guess which is the mystery symbol. So every time it appears on your screen it will surely get you on the edge of your seat.
      • Wild symbols – Now who hasn’t heard of the wild symbols. Wild symbols are the most widely known feature of online slots. Mobile slots also have these so-called wild symbols, which have the superpower to move upwards, downwards or sideways to help you form a winning combination that otherwise would not have been possible.
      • Split symbols – This feature still remains as some of the most unknown features of a mobile slot. But we are definitely not missing them. Split Symbols slots have two symbols that fit into a single slot. It doesn’t sound very exciting but just think of it like this, you can form payouts containing up to 10 symbols since there are two symbols in one slot.

The list of features of mobile slots can go on but the fun of these goes even further. So, stop wasting your time elsewhere and quickly join our casino to experience the amazing world of mobile slots in just a few simple steps.

Steps to join and play

  1. Create your account at our casino by clicking on the ‘Join’ button you see on the top right of our page.
  2. Fill the necessary details and submit after reading our terms and conditions.
  3. Claim the bonuses you get on signing up with our exhilarating online casino.
  4. Open our mobile casino site on your mobile browser (we support both Android and iOS).
  5. Log-in with your user details and head towards the mobile slots section.
  6. Deposit the amount you want to use for betting/gambling.
  7. Try for free, or learn about the game from the in-game ‘info’ button and start playing for real money to make profits.
  8. Play a slot game on your mobile anywhere, anytime.
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